About Me

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Hi my name is Sarah and I’m an Australian artist who has a passion for realism art.


I was born in Barinsdale Victoria.

My Mother was born in Germany to a Polish Father and German Mother.

I am a Mum to two beautiful 20+ year olds who have both decided to follow their journeys into the arts too, one also a visual artist and one a budding film producer.

We have a gorgeous black mini schnauzer, Marley, who gets called every cute name under the sun but his own. Lately he’s started answering to “Darling”.

I am self taught and have been working full-time as an artist for 9 years, honing my skill of using realism as a method while still retaining the character and quality of a hand painted artwork. What I mean by that, is I LOVE the ‘painterly’ look of a piece of art, where you can see the brush stokes and hand painted detail on the canvas.

Painting wildlife, especially Australian bird life, studying and then painting the detail in fur, leathery skin and soft fine feathers, on my animal subjects is what I enjoy most. All the while trying to capture the animals soul while painting their eyes, using fine detail so as to bring the animal to life. As well as animals, I have a passion for Australian flora, still life and abstract art. 

Well ANYTHING I can create on a canvas, really!

I’m also working towards a portrait series, hoping to eventually submit an entry to the Archibald art prize. For the last 9 years I have been working from my home studio in Canberra. 

Having entered 4 local art shows, I was lucky enough to win people’s choice award for all 4 of my entries.  

My art is displayed on both my social media pages, Facebook and Instagram.

I also like to keep my viewers up to date with what I’m working on next, uploading work-in-progress photos and videos.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and reading a little more about me.


I hope you enjoy my art!